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It’s been a while since I uploaded! here I am. So horny though!

It’s impossible for me to scroll down my dash without getting super horny or soaking wet;)

I’ve never had sex in the shower,someone wanna try it with me?

Anonymous asked: And only when I've eaten enough of that pussy will I let you cum ;)

I’ve already came;)

Anonymous asked: Man I wanna just look into your eyes while I'm caressing your clit and sliding my fingers in your wet pussy. At the same time as you pumping my hard cock in your hand til you're wet enough to ease yourself on top of me and ride this dick

mm,that sounds great. I wish you were here!

jayyfiasco asked: do you like dirty messages ;)


Anonymous asked: Ugh please don't. I would love to be there too. I'd be uncontrollable on your perfect boobs ;)


Too hard for one hand tonight ;)
Can i cum for you&#160;?